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East Arnhem Land is one of the most unspoiled places to camp and explore in Australia. Offering a wide range of settings for camping and four wheel driving, East Arnhem Land boasts sandy white beaches and rugged coastline to expanses of open forests and shaded inland waterways. The unique campsites allow opportunities for fishing, boating, camping, walking and exploring the diverse vegetation and landscape.

There are a range of options to choose from, with something to please all travellers, including caravan parks with all the comforts to campsites off the beaten track where you can roll a swag out and sleep under the stars.

Camping in East Arnhem Land will definitely be an experience not to forget, however, it is important to remember that East Arnhem Land is part of the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust, and is private land held by traditional owners. Please ensure you only camp in designated recreational areas and campgrounds and have the appropriate permits before you go. You can learn more about permits here.

Baṉambarrŋa (Rainbow Cliff)

Baṉambarrŋa (Rainbow Cliff) is a short 10 kilometre or 20 minute drive from Nhulunbuy with the turn off located on the way to Gove Airport. Once you have turned off the main road the track in to the recreational area is a well maintained dirt road with a small creek crossing. Baṉambarrŋa is a sheer section of coastline where the exposed and weathered rock profile produces a striking colourful effect on the cliff face as it plunges over 40 meters into the sea, giving it the nick name Rainbow Cli...

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Bariŋura (Little Bondi Beach)

Bariŋura (Little Bondi) is a 41 kilometres drive from Nhulunbuy and lies at the northern end of the coastal walking trail that includes the beaches of Ŋumuy, Garanhan and Binydjarrŋa. The track into Bariŋura is mostly dirt with some sandy patches at the end so make sure you are in four-wheel drive vehicle and prepared for some sand driving.  The track from the car park descends via a slope covered by open eucalypt forest that alternates near the base of the slope with coastal monsoon vin...

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Binydjarrŋa (Daliwuy Bay)

Binydjarrŋa (Daliwuy Bay) is located 36 kilometres from Nhulunbuy, approximately a 40 minute drive. Turning off from Dhupuma Road, the well maintained track leads down to Binydjarrŋa where there are campsites with a great view of Daliwuy Bay. There are composting toilets and picnic tables located at the campsites as well as a boat launching area, making it a popular spot for fishing. Good vehicle access provides opportunities to experience mangrove estuaries, mudflats, paperbark trees (melaleuc...

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Cato River Recreational Area

Cato River Recreational Area is located close to Dhalinybuy homeland and is operated by Liya Wanhurr Aboriginal Corporation who also operate cultural tours at their homeland. By car, Dhalinybuy is just over one hour from Nhulunbuy (86km). Leaving Nhulunbuy, drive along the Central Arnhem Road for approximately 64km. The Dhalinybuy turnoff is after the Matamata turn off. Both roads are marked with small blue signs. Each campsite offers a picnic table and a fire pit. There are also three shade st...

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Dholuwuy Campground

March 2023: Dholuwuy Campground is closed until further notice. The Dholuwuy Campground is located on the shores of Blue Mud Bay near Bäniyala homeland and is operated by the Bäniyala Garrangali Aboriginal Corporation. The campground is located 210 kilometres, approximately a three hour drive from Nhulunbuy. The campsites offer direct beach access, fresh water, picnic tables, fire pits and a composting toilet. For those wishing to get out onto the water in a boat, this spot has a boa...

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Gaṉami (Wonga Creek)

Gaṉami (Wonga Creek) is a freshwater creek located 57 kilometres from Nhulunbuy. The creek runs through an open Eucalypt forest and forms a mangrove estuary at its mouth where it flows into Port Bradshaw. The campsite is at a waterhole with rock pools and flowing water all year round. It is at the upper limits of tidal influence so be sure to be croc wise when visiting here as crocodiles inhabit the area.  Check the Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation site for closure information as the track...

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Ganinyarra (Granite Islands)

Ganinyarra (Granite Islands) is a group of picturesque islands located in Melville Bay. You will need your own boat to access Ganinyarra as it is about a 15 minute boat ride from the Nhulunbuy Regional Sports Fishing Club Boat Ramp, located about a 15 minute drive from Nhulunbuy.  Ganinyarra has a designated Dhimurru recreation area on the West side of the larger island with a picnic table. This private island paradise boasts white sandy beaches, plenty of shade, and crystal clear azure wa...

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Gapuru (Memorial Park)

Gapuru (Memorial Park) is a spectacular freshwater recreational area located 65 kilometres from Nhulunbuy. Travelling along the Central Arnhem Road you will turn left onto a smaller dirt track which does have some rougher patches, this will take you to the only campsite for this recreational area. The campsite is adjacent to numerous freshwater rockpools with a set of small rapids connecting them, making for a stunning spot to set up camp for the night. There is a picnic table, fire pit and com...

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Garanhan (Macassan Beach)

Garanhan (Macassan Beach) is a 38 kilometre drive from Nhulunbuy with the first part taking you along the Dhupuma Road before turning off to follow a well maintained dirt and sand track to the recreational areas. There is a long wide beach of white sand which contrasts with the rough-textured shelves of bright red laterite that run parallel to the coastline. Garanhan lies in between the beaches of Binydjarrŋa and Ŋumuy on the coastal walking trail. A narrow, dense strip of retja (monsoon coasta...

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Guwatjurumurru (Giddy River)

Guwatjurumurru (Giddy River) is approximately a 55 kilometre drive from Nhulunbuy. After turning off the Central Arnhem Road, the dirt track will take you over small creek crossings and through open bushland before arriving at the recreational areas. The track provides access to the western side of the river where you can view the beautiful waterholes, small cascading waterfalls and mini gorges. The natural beauty here is spectacular with an area of the river re-entering into the main flow over...

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Mainoru Store

The Mainoru Outstation Store is located 250 kilometres from Katherine or 480 kilometres from Nhulunbuy and provides travellers on the Central Arnhem Road with a variety of accommodation options. Take a break in your journey and choose from self-contained outstation rooms, single rooms with shared bathroom facilities, sleep under the stars in a tent or set up your caravan on the luscious green lawns. Take the opportunity to take bush walks along the Mainoru River and spot the freshwater crocodil...

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Manaŋaymi (Scout Camp)

Manaŋaymi (Scout Camp) is located approximately 50 kilometres or around one hour’s drive from Nhulunbuy. Turning right off the Central Arnhem Road you will travel along a smooth dirt track with a shallow creek crossing, taking you to several campsites alongside a waterfall and freshwater pools in sandy open woodland. This area is particularly popular with families and there is one larger camping area that can be used by special arrangement for events. There are picnic tables and fire pits ...

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Manyimi Campgrounds

On the grounds of the Gove Boat Club is the Manyimi Campground. This absolute beachfront campground offers a quiet retreat when exploring the region and boasts amazing coastal views. Manyimi Campground is short 15 minute drive into Nhulunbuy and is right next door to the Gove Boat Club and The Waterfront Kitchen where you can enjoy a delicious meal and ice cold drink while watching the sun go down in paradise.   The campgrounds feature lush green lawns and are ideally situated with direct ...

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The Walkabout Lodge Campsites

The Walkabout Lodge has beachfront powered camper trailer sites available on their grounds located in the centre of Nhulunbuy. These sites have shared toilet, shower  and laundry facilities. Fresh drinking water is also available at all campsites. Campers have access to all the Lodge’s facilities so you can enjoy a swim in the resort style swimming pool, dine in one of the restaurants or enjoy an icy-cold beer at the bar. The campsites are very popular in the dry season so be sure to...

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Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem)

Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem) is a breathtakingly beautiful and pristine peninsula on the eastern tip of East Arnhem Land. The 50 kilometre drive from Nhulunbuy to Waṉuwuy takes you on a wonderful journey along an escarpment, over sand dunes and along pristine stretches of beach. The first half of the trip to Waṉuwuy will take you along the top of an escarpment, providing spectacular views across the surrounding areas. You will then reach a gate at the top of the escarpment. Before heading down th...

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Wathawuy (Latram River and Goanna Lagoon)

Wathawuy (Latram River and Goanna Lagoon) is a freshwater stream that winds its way through open eucalyptus forest and bushland. Located only a short half hour drive, approximately 30 kilometres, from Nhulunbuy you turn right off Dhupuma Road onto a smaller dirt track that takes you to the various recreational areas. The Wathawuy stream is shallow in most spots with a sandy bottom, however, there are some deeper waterholes that are mostly located at the Goanna Lagoon side. This hidden oasis has...

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Ŋumuy (Turtle Beach)

Ŋumuy (Turtle Beach) is located about 40 kilometres from Nhulunbuy and is a favourite of many locals. The access track is dirt with some sand that winds through a patch of retja (coastal monsoon vine forest) to the white sands and blue waters of this hidden little cove. Track conditions are generally good, though rocky and sandy in parts. A small camping area with picnic tables is set back in lush tropical vegetation giving plenty of shade during the day and with a lovely view of the beach just...

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