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Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem)

  • Cape Arnhem, East Arnhem NT 0822
  • info@eastarnhemland.com.au
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Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem) is a breathtakingly beautiful and pristine peninsula on the eastern tip of East Arnhem Land. The 50 kilometre drive from Nhulunbuy to Waṉuwuy takes you on a wonderful journey along an escarpment, over sand dunes and along pristine stretches of beach.

The first half of the trip to Waṉuwuy will take you along the top of an escarpment, providing spectacular views across the surrounding areas. You will then reach a gate at the top of the escarpment. Before heading down the escarpment, be sure to check out the lookout here that gives you a magnificent uninterrupted view of the peninsula! The track will then take you down a steep hill and at the bottom it is recommended you let down your tyre pressure as the rest of the way you will be travelling on soft sand. There is a sign informing you of the recommended tyre pressure, along with a clearing to assist you to pull over and safely do so.

The peninsula is characterised by broad white sandy beaches and extensive dune fields bounded by unusually clear seas and mangrove-fringed tidal inlets. A dominant landscape feature of the peninsula area of Manydjarrarrnga-Waṉuwuy is the wind formed Quaternary dune system, which rises to some 60 metres in places. Other geological formations included undifferentiated marine silts in the upper reaches of Daliwuy Bay, as well as Bradshaw granite outcrops which form localised yet distinctive habitats at several locations in the dune fields, on the offshore islets, and in Daliwuy Bay itself.

There are several camping areas located at the north eastern end of the peninsula with picnic tables and fire pits for use. There is one composting toilet facility available on the track in between the camping areas.  

There is a ten-vehicle maximum limit per day for this area.

Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem) Closure

Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem) closes annually for the purposes of Miyapanu (Turtle) conservation. This decision has been implemented by Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation at the request of Traditional Owners. Waṉuwuy (Cape Arnhem) and the Port Bradshaw area is a key nesting area for Green Turtles and is habitat for six of the world’s seven turtle species. All species are listed nationally as vulnerable or endangered. An individual female Green Turtle nests approximately every 3 years and lays 1-6 clutches of between 70 and 110 eggs. Only one in one thousand of the hatchlings survives to maturity. The closure for these areas will allow the Miyapunu to nest undisturbed, and hopefully improve nesting success to increase Miyapunu numbers.

The area is usually closed from 1 August for a period of at least 8 weeks. During this time, no access is permitted to Cape Arnhem. Bookings to Cape Arnhem are closed for this period and can not be booked through Dhimurru's permit system. Check the Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation Facebook page for updates on this closure.

Before you go

  • A Visitor Access Permit and a Camping Permit from Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation are required to visit this area
  • 4WD vehicle is required
  • Road conditions will require driving on soft sand so recovery gear is recommended
  • Beach driving required so be aware of tidal conditions
  • Potable water is not available at this location
  • There is no phone reception at this location
  • Wildlife is known to frequent this location

Location & Directions

  • Cape Arnhem, East Arnhem NT 0822
  • Cape Arnhem, East Arnhem NT 0822
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