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Journey through 60,000 years of history


The Central Arnhem Road

A true outback adventure on one of Australia’s most ICONIC 4WD tracks. 

Turning off the bitumen and taking a journey through 60,000 years of history on the Central Arnhem Road
is a truly unique Aussie outback adventure through East Arnhem Land’s vast untouched wilderness.

Must dos before you drive:

  • The Central Arnhem Road runs through Aboriginal land, you will require a transit permit from the Northern Land Council.
    These are free and easy to get. Find all the information on what you need here.
  • Camping trailers and caravans should be heavy duty and access can change during the year depending on conditions.
    Make sure you check access before you travel. The NT Roads Report is useful resource for travellers.
  • Book your accommodation in advance to ensure availability on your trip.


Where to stay

The Central Arnhem Road is a drive best done slowly with plenty of stops in between.

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