Wildcard Luxury Cruises


Wild East Arnhem Land and the remote Wessel Islands maybe just a dot on the Australian map, but the Wildcard family have spent over 40 years exploring this pristine area in Top End Australia and they are still left awestruck by the majesty and beauty of this ancient rugged landscape. Bruce said; I’ve traveled extensively including the Kimberly and the unspoiled East Arnhem Land is just as beautiful. Rich in local Indigenous culture and past exploratory history where seafood abounds and the fishing unparalleled. Friends and family who have cruised with us have described this region as the real “Last Frontier.”

Exclusive Private Cruises in the most remote and untouched parts of the Northern Territory. Come and experience the wild and untamed scenery of East Arnhem Land in complete luxury. Our guests and groups will enjoy a bespoke adventure. By telling us what ‘floats your boat’ like chasing that monster reef fish, joining the one-metre Barra club, discovering that new waterfall or just kicking back cruising the islands; Bruce and the crew will design your perfect experience.

Prices starting at $1100 per night inclusive of  gst, all meals, light beverages, accommodation, indigenous land permits and uses of fishing and adventure equipment.


The Northern Territory’s Wessel Islands are surely one of Mother Nature’s hidden secrets. With the onset of the ‘Territory’s’ wet season, the Wessel islands unleash yet another facet it their beauty: Over flowing Rock pools, native wild flowers and spectacular waterfalls – straight over cliff faces into the ocean.

Nothing truly amazing is without a bit of effort. A short walk and a little climb will see you adventuring through the jungle scrub, over boulders and through rocky outcrops to discover magical lagoons hidden within these geological marvels.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, exploring the ocean islands, blue water fishing or finding a quiet place to relax and unwind, the friendly Wildcard Luxury Cruises crew will navigate a path to your dreams.


Exploring the Estuaries. This untouched wilderness has such a prehistoric feel that you just imagine an opportunistic velocipede stalking you from the mangroves! A buzzing ecosystem so rich with life, that wild life spotting is almost as much fun as the fishing. The water here is so clear that you can practically choose your catch.