Gayngaru Walking Trail (Town Lagoon)

Gayngaru Walking Trail (Town Lagoon) is minutes from Nhulunbuy town centre. This tranquil wetland has abundant wildlife and tall strands of paperbarks. Gayngaru was once a popular and fertile hunting area for Yolngu and today the cultural significance of the area remains.

The Gayngaru lagoon provided an important source of freshwater and food. The men hunted the gurrumatji (magpie geese) and their eggs as well as minhala (long-necked freshwater tortoise). The women collected water lilies and räkay (water chestnuts).

The Gayngaru Wetlands Interpretive Walk surrounds the Lagoon. Along the path are two separate viewing platforms and a bird hide, which enable visitors to enjoy the birdlife. There are also interpretive signs near plants of significance showing bush food and bush medicine used by Yolngu people. There is a Winter and a Tropical Summer season walk with the tropical Summer walk being shorter due to higher water levels.

The aim is for people to obtain a better understanding of the local plant and animals species of Gayngaru and their importance to Yolngu. There is an over-water observatory platform, ideal for bird watchers, photographers and nature lovers. An interpretative walking trail guide is available from the Visitor Information Centre.

Please respect the area by not damaging the plants or signs or littering. It is important to remember not to eat any plants or berries unless in the company of a Yolngu guide and to remain away from the water’s edge.

town lagoon