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Dhimurru Coastal Walking Trail

  • East Arnhem, NT 0880
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The Dhimurru Coastal Walking Trail is three short walks taking you between Binydjarrŋa (Daliwuy Bay), Garanhan (Macassan Beach), Ŋumuy (Turtle Beach) and Bariŋura (Little Bondi). To assist visitors to understand the richness and beauty of the Yolŋu world and enjoy Yolŋu country through learing, traditional owners have provided interpretative material along the route. Many ancient walking trails traverse the area, both inland and along the beaches, and while the The Dhimurru Coastal Walking Trail has been planned so walkers can appreciate the variety of land and sea resources along the way, replicating the experiences of Yolŋu who have used the many ancient walking trails in the area, both inland and along the beaches, for tens of thousands of years.

You can read more about the Dhimurru Coastal Walking Trail here.

Binydjarrŋa (Daliwuy Bay) to Garanhan (Macassan Beach)

 3.2 kilometres

The trail ascends from the fine white sand beach into a hilly area with scattered rocks called dhumurr and a eucalypt open woodland. The track meets the road leading to Garanhan and passes a fenced area containing the Wurrwurrwuy stone pictures. The trail leads to the beach area at Garanhan where there are shade trees and overnight camping recreational areas.

Garanhan (Macassan Beach) to Ŋumuy (Turtle Beach)

2.5 kilometres

The trail leads from the beach and heads inland initially up a rather steep dune. The trail follows the edge of a paperbark swamp and takes you north and inland to an area of monsoonal rainforest. The trail leaves the forest and follows the edge of the bauxite headland with views south-east to Binydjarrŋa and north to Ŋumuy. Following the coast, the trail then descends the rock face through a patch of rainforest to the Ŋumuy camping area near the beach.

Ŋumuy (Turtle Beach) to Bariŋura (Little Bondi)

1.5 kilometres

The trail ascends from the beach through an area of dense monsoon vine where many trees and plants that are not seen elsewhere occur. Bird life is also abundant here, and a number of small animals may be seen at dawn or dusk. The trail then leads into a sparsely treed open forest and onto an extensive laterite shelf with spectacular open views eastward to the Gulf of Carpenteria.The trail then descends to a spectacular white sand beach at Bariŋura and the recreational areas, with rolling sand dunes bordered by a rocky ridge covered with coastal vine thicket.

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  • East Arnhem, NT 0880
  • East Arnhem, NT 0880
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